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East Walker Report

Postby TWReports » Thu Apr 30, 2009 10:15 pm

Here is Jason Christians report on the East Walker.

After mine and Big Jason's previous trip to the East walker i found it very necessary to return. Jason and I did very well but were unable it land any of the notorious monsters that lurk in those waters. So yesterday (wed 29th) I left mammoth at around 2:00 pm to head up for another try. I was in the water fishing by about 3:00 and it started out very well. I started at the upper section of the river right below the dam and found that there was a lot of midge activity. It didn't take long to hook into a good fish. My first decent fish landed was about a 17 in rainbow. I worked the upper section of the river for a couple of hours, primarily fishing small midge patterns and small betis. Once again I tried with a streamer (perch imitation) but was only able to get some swipes at it from the bigger fish. Right now you can expect to get a lot of the smaller fish in the 12-15 in range and that is a good time. But to target the bigger fish you need to switch your game up a little. After fishing the upper section for a while my buddy Alec and I headed down stream to try some water that receives less pressure. This lower section turned out to be what we were looking for. Alec started out by landing a healthy 21 in brown and it didn't stop there. Just minutes after he landed his I hooked up as well. Using a streamer I brought in a nice 19-20 in brown. We finally got into some bigger fish that wanted to take a perch imitation. Alec and I fished this whole for another hour and I was able to land one more fish that was about 21 in. Alec hooked a couple more but was unable to keep them on. Once we felt we had fished that water enough there was only about an hour of light left so we went back up stream and had a pretty fun session fishing small dry's. There wasn't really any caddis coming off the water but that didn't matter for Alec, he through on one of his own caddis patterns and brought in about 12 fish in a matter of 20 min. The fish we got on dry's were nothing to brag about, they were all in the 12 in range but it was still worth the while of fishing that last hour. Alec and I camped out that night and got out on the water the next day at about 8:00. We stated out by going to the bridge and worked that area for a while. The fishing was very good in the early morning hours and through about 1:00 when we went home. I landed one more big brown at about 20 in and we hooked several more but were unable to bring them in. The flow right now is down a lot, at 56 csf. This in actually the lowest I have ever fished the EW but it didn't affect our fishing all that much.. The fish on the EW are still very active throughout the day. If you are looking to get into those bigger fish then a streamer pattern is a good start. We did hook some bigger fish on small betis and midge patterns but the chances are a lot better is you fish a perch imitation. Any one who has been on the EW lately will tell you that there is a lot of small fry holding in the frog water on the sides of the river. This is why the bigger fish are keying in on a healthy meal like the perch. Once again I am always happy after an EW trip. There is nothing better than the feeling of being fished out. Check out our gallery for pictures of the EW browns.

Jason Fritz

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