Sage 7126-4 Spey Rod Kit

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Sage 7126-4 Spey Rod Kit

Postby rapido101 » Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:33 pm

12’ 6” 7 wt. 4 piece spey rod kit. Asking $499

If you’re looking at this auction you probably know this spey rod is the hottest thing in the market. A real cannon! And a typical TCX – fast and sensitive. Evolved from Sage's popular TCR Series, TCX rods redefine the extreme distance category, as Sage continues to push the outer boundaries of fly rod performance. Sage created a radical new series of tapers and a fly rod that’s lighter, stronger and more powerful than its predecessor. Most importantly, the enhanced line feel and feedback mean intuitively better timing and an extraordinary level of casting ease for ultra-high-performance fly rods.


Sage 12’ 6” 7 wt 4 piece TCX blank
Sage black anodized aluminum reel seat
Fore and rear cork grips.
Black Fuji folding hook keeper
Single foot TiCH guides, sized and placed as per Sage specifications:

TiCH single foot guides, sized and spaced to Sage specs. Why use the more expensive single foots? The lighter the weight the better casting the rod. Single foots are extremely light.
There’s only one foot to wrap and finish, saving more weight.
Single foots only attach at one point, and effect rod flex far less than the multiple double attachment point of traditional guides.

No sock or tube included

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