Thomas & Thomas rods for sale - Whisper-Lite and Vector

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Thomas & Thomas rods for sale - Whisper-Lite and Vector

Postby rapido101 » Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:23 pm

I'm selling off my unused Sage, Orvis and T&T custom rods. Email for pictures

1. T&T Vector 906-3. Extra fast 9' three piece 6 weight. MSRP for this rod from the factory is $720.
This custom-built rod comes with a Clear Creek rod sock; no tube is included. It is BRAND NEW; never even had a reel mounted.

Vector series rods are made at T&T on a special order basis – a powerhouse for anglers who prefer a three piece rod. Its fast action taper and high line speed was developed for a modern compact casting style – for people who fish modest to big water, and distance cast with quick smooth acceleration. And, true to their name, Vectors produce blinding line speed, tight loops with laser-like trajectory.

This example has been built with a Full Wells grip and uplocking reel seat with redwood burl insert. (in the interest of ultra-full disclosure, there is a very slight crack in cork whereinletted to seat– see photo – no possibility of worsening).

Chromium single foot guides, sized and spaced to T&T specs. Why use the more expensive single foots: The lighter the weight the better casting the rod. Single foots are extremely light.
There’s only one foot to wrap and finish, saving more weight.
Single foots only attach at one point, and effect rod flex far less than the multiple double attachment point of traditional guides.

NOTE: Builder’s initials are on the rod.

2. T&T Whisper-Lite 864-4
This custom-built rod is Brand New - never even seen a reel. Ready to ship! The factory charges $700 for this rod, and uses inferior guides, grip and seat! I'm asking $499.
Engineered for exceptional line feel, outstanding casting range and for asbestos obsessed trout bums who know the value of consistent, flawless presentations. Whisper-Lite has a relaxed casting rhythm, a smooth progressive taper and a classic recovery. And its magical line trajectory puts your favorite fly closer to your fish of a lifetime.

· Thomas & Thomas Whisper-Lite 4 wt. 8’6” 9’ 4 piece blank
· Struble Western modified reverse half wells cork grip, inletted for the matching seat – the best.
· Struble downlocking U-20 reel seat with birdseye maple spacer – the best.
· Chromium single foot guides and strippers – lighter weight than factory.
· Wrapped with deep blue Gudebrod ‘A’ thread; finished with two coats of Flex Coat Lite
· Hook keeper

Please note: Builder’s initials are on the rod; no sock or tube included.

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