DFG Budget

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DFG Budget

Postby Bean » Tue Feb 10, 2004 7:44 pm

Hi All:
Thoe interested in "Fighting the Good Fight" ought to take a look a the latest DFG budget on the DFG web site. I got an angry phone call from a DFG person, directing me to notice that a very sizeable percentage of funding for non-game and fish programs is being pulled (stolen?) from funding specifically set aside for fish and game work. This is particularly true of the Federal funds we get. He also pointed out that it's probably a direct violation of the California Fish & Game code to do this.
I don't pretend to read this stuff as well as those with a lot of familiarity with these regulations, or a law degree, but it appears both anglers and hunters in California are getting a raw deal.
If so, perhaps we should be writing the new Director and such groups as Cal Trout, and Trout Unlimited to see what can be done

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CA Dept of F&G Budget cuts!

Postby SoCalFF » Mon Mar 29, 2004 11:00 pm

Add to this that they are planning on closing two more fish hatcheries next year. One of them being the Mojave River Hatchery! :evil:

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Funding rip off

Postby searun » Thu Apr 01, 2004 1:43 pm

Having spent much time following the State's budget problems over the past couple of years (especially through budget reports by the State's legislative customer_request_form, reading actual bills, and reviewing various newspaper articles), I can attest that our elected representatives have robbed several programs funded with our fishing/hunting license fees, and via Federal grant dollars. The stolen funds are used to support other deficient programs (i.e., pork, political "hot" issues, etc.) peddled by influential law makers. Although this practice is often illegal (e.g., prohibited by Fish and Game Code), our illustrious elected officials often ignore the law with impunity during tough budget times. A few issues back, CalFlyFisher published my letter to the editor where I warned readers to take up the pen and send letters to their elected officials and demand that our State fisheries and natural resources funding be protected. I just wander how many readers actually took the time to heed that advice? We are now faced with another budget session, and this years budget will consider cuts to account for a $14 billion dollar deficit, despite the $15billion bond that passed in March. I again urge all readers to WRITE TO THEIR ELECTED OFFICIALS AND DEMAND THAT OUR NATURAL RESOURCES FUNDING AND PROGRAMS FUNDED THROUGH OUR LICENSE FEES BE PRESERVED.

I don't always agree with Fish and Game policy or practices (e.g., I think we should protect the quality of our fisheries to encourage self-sustaining wild populations instead of planting inferior hatchery fish), but we need wardens to protect our wildlife. At last estimate, the DFG was eliminating over 50 warden positions in the State! In addition, many California Environmental Protection Agency programs have been threatened.

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