Uncomfirmed report of NZMS on Stanislaus

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Uncomfirmed report of NZMS on Stanislaus

Postby epzamora » Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:55 pm

i haven't posted here in years but thought i would make an exception today. read the text below. i'm posting this to several fly forums.

"The USFWS just let me know there has been a collection of what's been tentatively identified as New Zealand mudsnail on the Stanislaus.  I probably just hadn't gotten the word about this when you wrote earlier this month.  I don't have any of the details, but more samples will be collected in a couple of weeks and I'll get more information then.  I remembered your e-mail and thought I'd send you an update.

If people go to www.dfg.ca.gov/invasives and look on the right side of the page, they can click on New Zealand mudsnail.  That will take them to our New Zealand mudsnail page where you can follow directions to bring up the map of NZMS sites for CA.  This map is actually at a Montana State University website.  They maintain this website with support from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  We share information with them & vice versa.  Be aware that at the Montana State site, one sometimes has to wait a minute for the database to catch up with your directions as you navigate to the map for CA. If the sighting for the Stanislaus River is confirmed, the information will be sent there and DFG will receive it the information as well.


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Re: Uncomfirmed report of NZMS on Stanislaus

Postby dryflyin » Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:33 pm

I went to the site suggested above, and found that NZMS has been confirmed in the Stanislaus:

Collection site: Stanizlaus River
Collection date: 2009 NOV 25
Collector: Jonathan Thompson
Mudsnail density: Sparse
Contact person: Jonathan Thompson
Comments: An individual snail was encountered on the Stanislaus River during a training event. Two months later the suspect area was surveyed for the presence of NZMS. Several snails were found at the location using kick nets and by turning over rocks. The observed nails were taken to Doug Post of the California Department of Fish and Game and their identification was confirmed.

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