Just Joined and Saying Hello

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Just Joined and Saying Hello

Postby Ohana » Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:36 pm

I wanted to say hello!

I have been a long time reader of California Fly Fisher and live in south Orange County, California.

Looking forward to posting fishing information on this site!


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Re: Just Joined and Saying Hello

Postby hot*fish*on » Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:11 pm

Hello, Kevin!
I'm Casey, I live in Ventura County, but work takes me all over the place at times. I'm looking to organize a trip to the Olympic Penninsula in state of Washington to fly fish for steelhead this winter. Trying to keep time open and flexible to wait for a run to start. My plan is to go up there, check in at a good fly shop in Seattle / Tacoma area to gather scuttlebutt about the fishing, then go hit it. I'm looking for other fly fishers from So. Cal. with whom to share travel costs, camp, and scouting duties, possibly even a New Years party, depending on timing. I'm a member of Sespe Fly Fishers, trying to roust up a few of the ranks to go along. If you're in a club down there in O.C., spread the word and we'll see who's serious about going - we have plenty of time to work out what vehicles, where to stay, etc. I'm hoping for a group of at least 4 and 2 vehicles for reliability, but a group of 12 is not out of the question.
Winter steelheading is 9-10-11-12 weight fly rod work. Most guys use a 10 wt on the peninsula, a 5-weight wont cut it. Spey rods in the 9-10 class should work fine with interchangeable tip lines. The rivers are deep and fast, so you'll need a Rio DC15, DC24, Deep Six, T-14, or T-17 lines or equivalent sink tip or fast sinking lines from other companies. An assortment of leaded and unleaded steelhead flies. Peninsula patterns tend to include flies that have a lot of action on their own in current - bunny leaches, Zonkers, rubber legs nymphs, etc. Leaders are short lengths of 12 to 20 lb Maxima monofilament. Time to start tying the flies, assembling equipment, practice double hauling or Spey casting.
Contact me at (805) 218-9619 if you're interested.

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