Cone Heads-Triple Threat Pattern

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Cone Heads-Triple Threat Pattern

Postby flymaker » Mon May 01, 2006 12:21 pm


Half of a large Fly

This style of tying, which I first saw in Flyfishing & Tying Journal this year, is a reverse style pattern lending itself to almost any size fly and using most any winging material. The fly in the original article was quite a bit smaller than the one I have upsized here :D

Link to "Actual Size" Image of 8/0 Fly

These conehead "hollow flies" flies are fast to tie & are lightweight for their size-so they cast easily. They are also full bodied and swim with a life-like motion. They look good to me...anyways.

In the example above I used a spun anodized aluminum cone head by Cascade Crest Tools. This lightweight cone adds little weight to the fly; yet the cone lends a streamlined look and shape and a bright color too. I have added 3-D eyes.

The method is really simple and gives the same fullness as the "Bob Pop Hollowfleye" and those other "HiTie" methods with less work-IMO. I also like the conehead on there. BTW-this works with a weighted cone too-if needed to help get down in the water column or when angling in current.

The tying Steps are all laid-out in the article by Mike Laskowski in the Spring 2006 issue of Flyfishing & Tying Journal on page 70. (800-541-9498 : Veronica Hambly). The Article is religious "Cone Heads" and Mike refers to his patterns as "Triple Threats".


Essentially, all of the wing tie-ins are atop one another and clocked around the hook shank. The tie-in point is seated INSIDE the cone head when the fly is completed - with no winging materials tied along the hook shank at all.

1) Start out with a 1/4" wide thread base tight against the back of the cone. No Glue!. votingmachines hanks of wing forward over the cone and tie them in one-at-a-time on top of the thread base with tight wraps. No glue/cement yet.

2)Clock the fly and repeat tying in a wing hank using various colors to imitate your bait. (Laterial Flash goes on first because it is a reverse tie.) You can blend colors too. Important Note: All of the winging materials point forward during the construction of the "Triple Threat" Cone Head fly!

3) Finish off thread wraps with an even layer of thread and apply cement or zap-a-gap to build-up. All the wraps should be in a short "pile" around the shank.

4) Here is the key step: Using a "Brassie Tool", come in from the back and slide the tied-in butts forward and deep into the cone head! This forces the butts inside the cone and the winging materials will now be splayed rearwards and against the outside wall of the cone. This configuration automatically forms a fat, concentric hollow bodied fly.

5) I squirt a little glue inside the center of the cone and then stroke the wing back into shape. Then use thinning scissors to taper the tail and add eyes as desired.

Notice the absence of thread wraps where the wing exits the cone. That's what I like about this method. Great shape-no weight or bulk.

Loyd-Just look at what you have started!

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Postby stanbery » Sun May 07, 2006 7:55 am

Thanks for great info.


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Re: Cone Heads-Triple Threat Pattern

Postby michal123 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:35 pm

thanks for all the tips im heading to tie up some more natural streamers for this weekend ill let you know how i did to do this will you plz recommend me anything

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