Try our low elevation Nor Cal valley rivers now.....

In other words, north of, oh, Visalia
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Try our low elevation Nor Cal valley rivers now.....

Postby Bill Kiene » Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:04 am

I would hit the Lower Sac, Lower Feather, Lower Yuba, Lower American and those other rivers to the south of Sacramento too.

Low water in April mean bugs are hatching and fish are hungry.

Resident trout and/or spring-run half-pounders are in most rivers feeding now.

You can "indo/nymph/egg" 'em, drift dry flies to feeding fish, swing wets on a floating line or swing leeches/buggers deep on a short sink-tip.

Get in a group fly fishing class or get out with a local guide or even a friend who fishes them so you can help in getting connected to them.

Don't wait for it to be over..........April/May is a great time for this low elevation action.
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