Spring in Nor Cal

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Spring in Nor Cal

Postby Bill Kiene » Fri Feb 02, 2007 10:35 am

We have had some very nasty winters in the past few years which really screwed us out of our Spring fly fishing for the most part in Nor Cal.

Most of the lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and the Delta where high, dirty and cold through the Spring.

This Spring, unless we have some freak storms in February, will be wonderful.

Bass and panfish will be getting active in April in all the ponds, reservoirs and the Delta.

Stripers will be active in the Delta in March and then will start up the Sacramento River to spawn in April/May near Colusa.

On our Valley streams and river the caddis and baby salmon will be eaten by the Spring run Halfpounder Steelhead and resident trout.

With this low water you want to be fishing the Lower Sac, Lower Feather, Lower Yuba, Lower American and others in March, April and May.

Trout lakes will start sooner too.

Shad will be better because the Valley rivers might not be so darn high.

What will happen this Spring is that you will have dozen of places to fish and actually have to choose between them......wonderful.
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