Crowley/Rock Creek/Silver

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Crowley/Rock Creek/Silver

Postby Steve U. » Thu Sep 30, 2004 4:50 pm

Made it up to Mammoth Sept. 25-28. Hit Crowley along Green Banks initially. Connected with lots of fish midging but all little guys. The fish they just put in seemed to have inundated the place. All morning all the fish I saw caught were little guys. Monday I hit Rock Creek Lake with the family. Never having fished there I tubed over to the north side of the lake away from all of the shore fisherman and was getting bite but could not seem to hook up. A matuka with a prince nymph trailer got all of the action. Tuesday it was back to Crowley but over by Leighton Springs. Initially hooked up with the little guys again but then got nailed by two big boys. But then it was just small ones the rest of the morning. After lunch I hightailed over to Silver where my family said the stocking truck had just show up. Fished there for a few hours for my stockers and gave to the family to take back. With a few hours left I headed back to Crowley again for the evening bite. As the wind was coming from the west, the bluffs offered some protection from the wind. Nailed another big boy along with the usual cookie cutter size fish midging. Crowley was the place to be for the big boys but you have to get through all the little guys but well worth the effort.


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