Hardluck Rd. Upper Piru Creek

Fishing opportunities in SoCal and up 395 to Mammoth
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Hardluck Rd. Upper Piru Creek

Postby altahoe » Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:08 pm

Just moved here from Tahoe, from Oregon. Decided to try and get up to Hardluck campground since after careful examination of my map I see that there might be an opportunity here to be had for some trout and camping. Load up the truck with my cooler, gear, dog, and head out. Got out there after visions of a lonely campground and the river to myself only to find a locked gate. Called the forest circus and let them know that the gate was actually open yet across the road. They said it's been closed since the mid 90's to protect an endangered species. So, I went home all bummed out. I figure Gold Hill has to be my next stop followed by Reyes creek area. I gotta do some work to my rig so if any other fly fisherman are heading up that way and need a partner......... Fish on friends

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