Aug. 2007 Issue

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Aug. 2007 Issue

Postby LARiver » Sat Jul 28, 2007 6:35 pm

The latest issue has me wondering yet again why CA Fly Fisher doesn't publich a collection of all the great tales that make it to its pages. So much great stuff outside of the instructional/location-specific/reporting. I rarely get drawn into this stuff but CAFF really shines here.

I also wanted to yet again applaud the stellar reporting by Tom Martens.

Finally, I was all a warm 'n' fuzzy as I read Arlo's summary of big brown tactics. The last two years have had me bring my "two handed salute" into a new league as encounters with big browns have increased. All of them, save for a few, pretty consistently matching the conditions that Arlo describes. GREAT work Arlo. I'd like to add that since browns can almost be bass-like (as Arlo mentions) you can find them in all sorts of weird positions. As a result, they aren't necessarily always facing a logical direction (upstream). This is, of course, due to the conditions of their lairs. Still side waters adjascent to a fast run might have a brown holding almost perpendicular to the current or even angling downstream. Maybe I am being too particular but at least considering these exceptions to the rule have paid off well for me. Other than that, Arlo's article provides a stellar summary to the hunt for browns. The rest is persistence and well tied knots.

Capistrano corakers? Classic! F'get about the swallows!


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