Chatham (April 2007 issue)

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Chatham (April 2007 issue)

Postby LARiver » Sun Apr 15, 2007 11:18 am

This author always keeps me riveted because of the legendary moments in locations I can picture in my mind. Having first read his work in the late 70s, I even then felt like much of his writing was laced with nostalgia (for better or for worse). Ironic that some of what the current contribution cites took place back then (late 70s). Do I sense a pattern?

Regardless I hope his work serves to helps one re-adjust our perspectives or at least consider it. It has that effect on me.

Always great to see such a great writer/angler featured (amongst many others) in the magazine.

I also, in closing would like to caution that given So. Cal.'s current drought conditions, I'd give the R. Bean article a rain check. Literally. To the Editor, you could have held off on that one for a while in my humble opinion. In other words, wetter times. And, alas, wasn't this stream covered not too many issues back?


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