recommend for largemouth bass

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recommend for largemouth bass

Postby ishseena » Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:45 pm

I know I need 6 wt. line but which brand/type would you recommend for largemouth bass and bream fishing? I also don't know much about how to rig up a fly rod. Any help or explanation would be appreciated. Is it more common to fish near the top or deeper? When I think of fly fishing, I think of keeping the lure on the top. But I'm not a fly fisherman yet so I'm not really sure. Thanks for your help Sage Fisher.
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Re: recommend for largemouth bass

Postby Buster » Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:21 am

Most fly lines have loop to loop connections so set up is easy. If yours doesn't use a nail knot to connect fly line to leader. A drop of fishing glue like loons knot sense will make sure it stays. Use a tapered leader and connect that to your tippet with a blood knot. Last knot is a no slip loop to attach your fly. Google animated knots if you need help.

Weigh of line depends on the weight of your rod, size of fly, casting ability of the angler. Some like to use one or two weights heavier than the rod. Try a weight forward floating line to start with.

I have a ten weight rod for bass. Some may say I am over gunned but I fish a lake with big fish and lots of submerged structure. You can target bass with 5wt rods in most lakes in calm conditions.

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