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Trout Town Music

Postby Richard » Sun Mar 21, 2004 5:20 pm

There are evenings when I quit fishing and all I want to do is hit the sack, and there're evenings when I want to hit the town and enjoy the night. Particularly if it involves live music. Problem is, I'm not familiar with music venues in California's trout towns other than Truckee. So hey, what's out there?

Here's a rundown, FYI, of Truckee's options: Moody's for urbane jazz and an upscale crowd; Bar of America for jam and (occasionally) blues bands, attended by a nice mix of locals and out-of-towners; the Pastime for hip hop, reggae, rock, and a very young scene; the Cottonwood for mellow stuff that I just cannot listen to (although I like the ambiance of the bar); and, OB's and the Blue Coyote for relatively pedestrian bar bands, solo artists, etc. All in all, it ain't too bad, but rarely can I find the sort of three-chord catharsis (think the Kinks and their derivatives) that really gets me enthused.

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