Hot Water…Okay Fishing

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Hot Water…Okay Fishing

Postby bajafly » Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:58 am

Endless Season Update 08/16/2009
Flyfishing and convention gear on an offshore sportfisher? Cooperation and teamwork made it happen
REPORT #1178 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Pending World Record Roosterfish - Women's division Angler - Sarah Henry Langley, British Columbia 8 kilogram tippet Weight - 5.48 kilos Captain - Jose Pino Panga - Angelica Deckhand - Cheva Guide and photo - Ed Kunze Location - Puerto Vicente Guerrero (about 1.5 hours South of Zihuatanejo)

Had the dorado foaming behind the boat this morning and told your client to grab the fly rod. His response was ‘later’. Got limits of dorado and needlefish, and also got him his first marlin ever!”

Even though we got out late, bait wasn’t a problem; it’s on the small side for the hook but fine for chumming. Fished the same place where we barely scratched out some skipjack yesterday; today there were dorado everywhere.

By 10:30 the client asked what his chances were of catching a marlin. I'm thinking ‘not good with the little time we have to work with and why would we leave this’? I plunked in the marlin lures. We were not a half mile off shore by the light house and wham! A striper just commits suicide. The only thing I was not able to get in all the cluster was good photos.

Continuing today’s story…the fly guy was having so much fun I couldn't get him to pick up the fly rod. Finally, in all the commotion I thought, ‘Gary is not going to be pleased if we don't get a dorado on the fly’. So I picked up the rod and started to strip line. Something I quickly discovered is EVERYBODY has to be on the fly page. Every time I started to cast, someone would step in front or behind me and foul the line. I was good with it until Chuy came up behind me with a rod. I thought I was going to choke him. He looked at me like I was nuts. We are talking three to five pound dorado.

I had a few follows and changed the fly a couple of times because it just seemed like they didn't want to bite it. It would attract them but I couldn't close the deal. All in all I spent more time getting out tangles because of the fire drill on the boat than having the bait in the right spot. You need to understand the client and his wife were pinned to the rail with these fish…Mark Rayor

I've been trying to do some catching. But the swell has been really big and the water kind of beat up. Add in the oppressive heat and it's a recipe for tough fishing. The swell is supposed to subside in the next few days. I hope to get some quality fishing in…Lance Peterson

Current East Cape Weather

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Captain Sergio reported a large volume of dorado has moved in ten miles from the Boca de Soledad entrance. Some of the fish topped thirty-five pounds. He went on to say that there were plenty of smaller yellowtail and yellowfin tuna in the same area.

Snapper and grouper are still being caught on the rock reefs a few miles offshore.

Outside of the Entrada on a west heading, the shark fishermen reported a good show of dorado near the shark buoys.

Inside the bay the action remained consistent for sierra, corvina and a few leopard grouper in the deeper water…Bob Hoyt

Current Magdalena Bay Weather
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The blue water remains close to the beach with the action for the offshore species about typical for this time of the year…a couple of sailfish per day per boat, and a few dorado are being taken by the fleet.
The best action is inshore with lots of jack crevalle and roosterfish. Fly fishing clients David and Sarah Henry of Langley, British Columbia fished with Adolfo and Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos up near the Pantla area and wore themselves out on jack crevalle.
Then they fished with Cheva and me for roosters down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero, which was more of a learning curve day. The waves were large and fairly dangerous and we only raised eight roosters.
On Friday, with the waves settled down and they now being ‘experienced’, we raised about 20 roosters, with Sarah getting one which will be submitted for an IGFA 8 kilo line class record…Ed Kunze
Current Zihuatanejo Weather

Cabo San Lucas

The Striped marlin concentrations have been moving up to the north for quite some time. Most of the billfish we are seeing now are either small blues or sailfish, with an occasional large fish in the mix just to surprise you.

The bite was on for the yellowfin early in the week; by the end of the week these fish had already moved on to the west and could not be found. There are still some schools of the smaller fish to be found to the north of the Los Arcos area and to the south of the Cape. The white bellied dolphin have been holding these smaller fish, to 30 pounds with an occasional 60 pound fish in the mix, while the white spotted dolphin were holding the larger tuna that came through.

From early in the week to the middle of the week, the action on dorado was almost wide open. As the moon became smaller it dropped off a bit. Either that or the fish moved off for awhile. On a very positive note, the fish that have been taken lately have all been very good sized, and for many of the boats being able to cull your catch by releasing the small ones has been easily possible. Fish in the 40 to 60 pound class have been brought in every day and almost 70% of the boats have been hooking up to one that size, although getting them into the boat is a different story! Most of the fish have been on the Pacific side close to the beach, in the slightly cooler water.

There were a few wahoo caught this week, most of them in the 30 pound class, found while trolling for something else.

Friday the wind kicked up for the early morning and roosterfish were the target. Fishing was very good for both species and there were some very nice grouper and snapper caught as well. Most of the dorado fishing was done on the Pacific side, while the roosterfish were found on both sides of the Cape, with a better concentration of them on the Sea of Cortez side.

George & Mary Landrum

Current Cabo Weather

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