Fishing ESP

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Fishing ESP

Postby Stan Wright » Sat May 30, 2009 1:50 pm

I have ESP... I can see into the future and predict things that are going to happen.
Why just the other day as my attention was focused on the fly fisherman in the front of the boat...

It all came to me in a flash......

Only moments before, in the back of the boat, I had hooked a fresh live bait on the line and cast it out before handing the spinning rod to the angler. (The wives of some fly fishermen do not fly fish.)

For some reason I turned around and saw that she had laid the rod on the deck beside the seat.

I said to myself: "Self", I said... "a big fish is going to grab that live bait and pull that spinning rod and reel right over the side of the boat."

Lo and be hold, as I stepped toward the stern of the boat to secure the rod, it seemed to grow legs and scramble accross the deck, leaped out over the water, and with a splash, dived into the depths of the lake. Just the way I had seen it in my thoughts only moments before it happened.

You know, I even amaze myself some times.

P.S. If anyone catches a large peacock bass in the area of the South Fork called Paper Bark.... and there is a fishing line attached.... and there is a spinning rod and reel attached to the other end of the line.....
It's mine. ::)
"Why let the truth stand in the way of a good fish story".

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