Crowds Light…Fish Bite

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Crowds Light…Fish Bite

Postby bajafly » Sat May 09, 2009 5:36 am

Endless Season Update 05/07/2009
REPORT #1165 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape

As I write this report the biggest impact of the swine flu is the lack of tourists. There are still no cases of swine flu in Baja Sur. For my take, read the cover story in this week’s WON.
Water temps continue to climb and the weather is great – winds are nice and calm in the mornings with very nominal afternoon winds and fishing is awesome! The striped marlin are everywhere! Running in packs of three or four and performing their aerial jumps for everyone's benefit, including their own!
Another bonus this week was the landing of a swordfish by Mark Rayor on his birthday from his boat, Jen Wren. More on this to come.

The photo below is from Lance Peterson. Lance said, “Fed a few (roosterfish) on Cinco de Mayo. This one was the best of the bunch. Since then it's been tough. Maybe I'm crazy...but perhaps it has something to do with the gill nets I've seen lately? Two nights ago a panga came in after sunset and set one right along the beach near our house. Yesterday I saw two groups of men swimming with gill nets to set them along the beach near the park boundary south of the Lighthouse (Miramar). The "authorities" are busy checking fishing licenses at East Cape while these guys run amok and do untold damage to the fishery. It’s frustrating to say the least.”
Dorado are being found up and down the East Cape, either free swimming or under almost anything floating - including dead sea lions. Near Punta Pescadero, a whale carcass was located that provided limits of dorado for several days. Some in the 50 to 60 pound range were reported over the days the carcass was seen. Another reported carcass was north off the Sierra Verde (slide rock area) that was also holding lots of dorado. Fishermen heading either north or south were having no trouble reaching their limit on dorado.

Late season sierra mackerel are still around and those being caught have been ‘grandes’.

Lots of sardina available and those with some ballyhoo rigs are doing better with their marlin catch and release.

Water temperature 72-77
Air temperature 65-95
Humidity 58%
Wind: S 1 to 1 knots
Conditions: Sunny
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 6:41 a.m. MST
Sunset 7:50 p.m. MST

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

The water has begun warming up which has improved fishing conditions for yellows, tuna, dorado and skipjack just a few miles outside the Entrada and Boca Santa Domingo all the way to the Thetis Bank.

In the Esteros there are a few snook up to 10 pounds along with some mangrove snapper and leopard grouper from 5 to 10 pound class.

The scallop season is now in full swing and will continue for the next few months.

Water temperature 69 - 77
Air temperature 65 -96
Humidity 50 %
Wind: WNW 7 to 9 knots
Conditions: Sunny
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 6:46 a.m. MST
Sunset 7:00 p.m. MST

Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico

Cool water is still the controlling factor, with the blue water moving even further out this week. Six miles off the beach, the water is 76º at the 100 fathom line and only 80º at the 1,000 fathom line (30 miles).
Even though there are very few marlin, sailfish and dorado being taken.

A very large area of yellowfin tuna has been located at 26 miles. Most of the tuna are averaging between 35 and 45 pounds, with a few larger ones down below the large schools of smaller fish.

Inshore action is still very good for jack crevalle, sierras, chulas, and black skipjack tuna.

Ed Kunze

Water temperature 78 - 83
Air temperature 73-85
Humidity 83%
Wind: WSW at 12kt
Conditions: Clear
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 7:17 a.m. DST
Sunset 8:09p.m. DST

Cabo San Lucas

There were striped marlin seen and a few fish caught up around the 1,000-fathom line on the Pacific side as well as quite a few seen and a few caught around the 95 spot. Catches averaged on release per boat with a couple of boats releasing three fish.

There were still quite a few of the football 10-15 pound yellowfin found around the area of the San Jaime Bank this week and the boats that got into them had a great time because of the lack of pressure. There were reports of some larger fish being found at the Cabrilla Seamount, supposedly fish to 50 pounds.

Almost every boat that fished the Cortez side this week caught at least one dorado, and some of the fish were really nice sized, to 50 pounds. Finding the feeding Frigate birds really helped zero in on an area.
Inshore fishing is still a happening thing with every Panga getting Sierra and having a good shot at Yellowtail to 20 pounds. Toss in the possibility of dorado, amberjack, Pargo and grouper and almost every boat came in with a nice mixed bag of fish. Action was scattered along both sides of the Cape.

George & Mary Landrum

Water temperature 75 – 78
Air temperature 64 – 95
Humidity 49%
Wind: WNW 8 to 11 knots
Conditions: Sunny
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 6:43 a.m. MST
Sunset 7:49 p.m. MST

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