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Eye of the Beholder

Postby bajafly » Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:54 am

Endless Season Update 02/18/2009
REPORT #1154 "Below the Border" Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
East Cape
Southern California fly-fishing fanatics will converge in Pasadena this weekend (2/20-21) for the annual Fly Fishing Show at the Pasadena Center.
Gary will present a “Baja and Mainland Mexico Do it Yourself” in the
Saturday 4:00
Sunday 3:00

“Wind ripping…kite boarders delight…”
Though there were come complaints of wind, it seemed to be an ‘eye of the beholder’ kind of week with conflicting reports all over the map!

My email has been full of East Cape fishing updates some of which are below:

“Wide open yellowtail bite right in front of the hotel…no photos.”

“Wind ripping…kite boarders delight…see photo.”

“We are heading up to Punta Perico…WFO yellows and pargo!” And then later, “We’re back, tough fishing…one twenty pounder and a few firecrackers. Pargo floated, but none landed. No photo”

And finally, “The hotel has been sending out two or three boats per day, with all boats doing well…no photos.”

I feel like I am listening to the judges on American Idol. Seven contestants/days…six bad, one ‘okay’ but that one is declared the ‘best ever’ by some.


SAGARPA, the government division that oversees fishing regulations and fishing licenses, has installed a new Port Captain in Los Barriles. In addition to the Port Captain, there are two full time employees, Jorge Castro, whose job it is to sell licenses and a super panga Captain who will be in charge of enforcement.

The boat dispatchers at the various hotels will also have the required fishing licenses available for purchase.

SAGARPA intends to begin enforcement immediately.

Water temperature 67-73
Air temperature 57-82
Humidity 62%
Wind: NW 15 to 21 knots
Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 6:49 a.m. MST
Sunset 6:17 p.m. MST

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Offshore action has been limited all week because of high winds and rough seas. Still a decent bite out at the Entrada for small yellows, along with enough sierra to deplete the fly box.
Inside the esteros the action was limited to a few leopard grouper and snapper plus cabrilla.

Seems like there are more whales than tourists this week.

Puerto San Carlos Copa Gobernador Tournament will take place March 7, 2009.

Water temperature 67 - 73
Air temperature 56 -78
Humidity 37 %
Wind: NW 11 to 15 knots
Conditions: Partly Sunny
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 6:58 a.m. MST
Sunset 6:23 p.m. MST

Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico

The 82 degree blue water is still just a short run from the harbor. The overall fishing for both the inshore and offshore is picking up, and should continue the trend as we get out of the full moon phase.
There is a lot of bait inshore, with the jack crevalle, sierras, black skipjack tuna, and birds all getting in on the feast.
In the blue water, the sailfish action is also picking up. A few marlin strikes were reported, and a couple of dorado were taken.

Ed Kunze

Water temperature 78 - 83
Air temperature 73-89
Humidity 65%
Wind: NE at 15 mph
Conditions: Mostly Clear
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 7:11 a.m. CST
Sunset 6:49 p.m. CST

Cabo San Lucas

The bite at the Golden Gate Bank for striped marlin remained slower than it has been with good days bringing release numbers of three or five fish per boat. The bite at the Finger Bank was reported to be excellent, as there is much less pressure up there.

Tuna were mostly football and small school fish to 30 pounds. There were some found up around the Inman bank and out toward the Cabrilla Seamount as well as a few scattered schools mixed with dolphin on the 1,000 fathom line south of the San Jaime Bank

A dead whale produced a large number of decent sized dorado to the boats. There was a large section of rope found just off of the Solmar Beach that produced great results until someone decided to pick it up and take it home.

One of the best spots this week for sierra was off of the El Dorado development on the Cortez side of the Cape. Most anglers were able to catch limits on fish that ran to 8 pounds. There were also quite a few small roosterfish and jack crevalle around.

George & Mary Landrum

Water temperature 75 - 78
Air temperature 57 - 82
Humidity 49%
Wind: NW 7 to 10 knots
Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 6:49 a.m. MST
Sunset 6:18 p.m. MST

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