How's the fly fishing around Puerta Vallarta?

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How's the fly fishing around Puerta Vallarta?

Postby Richard » Sat Mar 06, 2004 8:35 am

There's a good chance I'll be heading down to Puerta Vallarta in mid-May for a Rotary work project (we'll be upgrading a school about 90 miles north of the city, and staying in a small town on the coast). I'm not sure if I'll have time to break away for blue-water fly fishing (which PV offers), but I'm curious as to whether I can expect anything from the surf. Any ideas? And hey, what would be appropriate tackle?


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Misc. PV Info

Postby bajafly » Sat May 22, 2004 10:21 am

We do not have any direct contact in that area but here is some information we have gathered in the past. After you return please let us know how you did and if these people and companies were of any value.

Here is another site I found but have not received any comments about
(This would be the place I would start, after looking at their website. At least they have a photo of a flyrod and a couple of references. If you do speak with them please tell them I suggested them. )

This is someone else that I also found on the web. He is based out of Mismalloya which is at the south end of town. He is skilled in working with longrodders. Keep in mind that down there you must request ahead of time for live bait to use for chum. The places to go are around Los Arcos or out to Marietas Island.

Name:Lancha Bahia Los Arcos

His name: Jose Luis Santana

Phone: 011 52 (322) 228-00-27

Here is another site for offshore
I have seen the company mentioned favorably on several discussion sites favorably and they do offer flyfishing on their website.

Richard Castaneda is also knowledgeable about the area but is primarily conventional tackle, he can be reached at this address

Sid Wales, I'll toss out a couple of other thoughts on PV. I went down to PV last
June when the opportunity arose to visit a friend, so I dug up as much as I
could find on the area and did some homework when I was down there. Most of
the local captains and pangeros consider Nov-Feb to be the peak for
bluewater species.

I fished mostly inshore in June. I learned that the major snook run usually
starts with the rains in June-July, whenever the dry riverbeds fill up and
open to the sea. Otherwise, there may be some resident population of snook
at Nuevo Vallarta marina and the Main town marina. In June we found the
usual suspects: jacks, roosters, bonito, small mahi, chile verde, and pargo.
Nothing huge, but solid action ---if the angler can handle the heat and
somewhat rough seas.

It sounds like you maybe have a guy lined up in Mismaloya. If you have use
for a pangero in San Pancho (San Francisco), just north of Pta. Mita, about
45 min drive north of PV, there's a guy named Pando Flores who owns three
pangas with his Dad. They go by the name Pando's Tours. Pando sometimes
guides clients from Costa Azul Resort in San Pancho, but also operates
independently. He is by no means a fly expert, but he has had some
instruction from Joe Libeu, among others, and he may have learned a thing or

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Re: How's the fly fishing around Puerta Vallarta?

Postby Metora06 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:49 am

Just flew-in last night. Excellent action everyday! The group caught 23 different species... catches included Jack Crevalle (up to 18+ pounds), Skipjack and Bonito (over 17 pounds), Roosters (up to 12 pounds), Cabrilla (over 14 pounds), and more, more, , more.
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