Pit River

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Pit River

Postby rockhead » Mon Jan 26, 2004 10:56 pm

Higher base flows will be good for fish and fishing on the Pit River. That river gets way too warm in the summer, at least Pit 4 does. I have seen fish stacked up near the mouths of cold tributaries beacause the main triver was too warm. I understand the concern of those who fish it regularly. I've always loved fishing there, despite the involuntary swimming and the rocks that tear waders if the berry bushes don't get them first. I would hate to see it put at risk. More cold water will keep those summertime temperatures down and provide more habitat for stoneflies, among other prey. Further, I think those who are raising such a stink over the increased flows are underestimating the amount of effort put into the process by the organizations they accuse of failing to protect anglers' interests. And lastly, I'm not sure that "Disneyland" flows are necessarily disastrous for a river's fish population. I have had some pretty good days on the Tuolumne below Lumsden, and I don't think it gets more Disneyland than that.
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Postby Richard » Wed Feb 04, 2004 12:01 pm

For more on the Pit flows issue, check out cottonfibre Galland's post in the Northern California section of this site.

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