Letter Campaign for USFS Enforcement on Kern River

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Letter Campaign for USFS Enforcement on Kern River

Postby dryflyin » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:22 am

Hi Folks,

Spurred by a local guide, Guy Jeans, the folks who flyfish the Kern River have spun up a letter writing campaign to get more law enforcement on the Kern River. Litter and human waste are common on the banks. People camp wherever they please. Poaching is common. They need the Forest Service to patrol and enforce. Details below. Please join the fight.


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Time to do something about it!Calling all Anglers!
Oct 30th, 2012, 4:34pm Quote
Tired of all the trash in the 20 mile section? Let's do something about it! I'm asking all who care about our beautiful river to write 3 letters to 3 people- Al Watson (District Ranger) , Kevin Elliot (Forest Supervisor) and Cheryl Bauerr. The only way there can be an impact on this major issue is for us to bombard them with negative letters of how we all feel when fishing our river. These two gentlemen and lady are the head honchos with the forest service and will listen if we write. They will do something about it, but we must write. That's how the forest service operates.

Key points-
Trash left along the river and not enough dumpsters.
Camping in put- in areas and to close to the river.
Illegal fire rings.
Human waste left on the banks of the river with toilet paper. (Extreme health danger for us and our kids while enjoying the river.)
Illegal chopping down live trees and bushes along the river.
Not enough Forest Service law enforcement along the upper river as well as not enough Fish and Game Wardens.
Illegal poaching of fish in the 20 mile section and in the special regulations section of the Kern

If you have pictures of trash and human waste (huge impact when they can see the damage) , please send those as well. This can be done, but only if we stop complaining and try and do something about it.

Please address your letters to:

Sequoia National Forest
1839 S. Newcomb
Porterville, CA 93257

Please write!!!!! Even if it's a short letter, please write

Guy Jeans

Please let me know if you write a letter.

This same issue is going on on the East Walker River and my friends who guide there are are asking for help too! Please write!

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